Zelda Symphony: Live from The Venetian Concert (DVD + 2 CD Set)

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Zelda Symphony:  Live from The Venetian Concert (DVD + 2 CD Set)

In honor of The Legend of Zelda’s™ long legacy, devoted fan base, and unforgettable music, Nintendo proudly presents The Legend of Zelda™: Symphony of the Goddesses - Master Quest. For years, The Legend of Zelda™ game series has captured the imaginations of gamers worldwide through its innovative gameplay and iconic tale of good versus evil.

The series endures as a heartfelt reminder that Courage, Power, and Wisdom are more than mere words—they’re true forces and vital steps in the path of the hero. Gamers the world over have followed Link on his adventures, growing as individuals right alongside him, while learning valuable lessons and creating everlasting memories along the way.

Of all these cherished memories, none pierces the mind or warms the heart quite like the poignant melodies that echo throughout the Kingdom of Hyrule. In many ways, this celebrated music has made an indelible impact on the entire Zelda series and the fans that love it so. In recognizing The Legend of Zelda’s™ rich musical history, all those involved would like to sincerely thank you, the concertgoer, for taking part in this special celebration. May the way of the Hero lead to the Triforce.


The Program

  1. Overture (7:26)
  2. Gerudo Valley (3:53)
  3. Boss Battle Medley (6:34)
  4. Suite from Majora's Mask (6:07)
  5. A Link Between Worlds (5:45)
  6. Prelude ~ The Creation of Hyrule (3:36)
  7. Movement I ~ Ocarina of Time (12:37)
  8. Movement II ~ The Wind Waker (11:25)
  9. Intermezzo ~ Great Fairy's Fountain (4:25)
  10. Movement III ~ Twilight Princess (10:43)
  11. Movement IV ~ Time of the Falling Rain (14:13)
  12. Majora’s Mask Medley (7:25)
  13. Dragon Roost Island (4:27)
  14. The Goddess’ Lyric (7:59)

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Zelda Symphony:  Live from The Venetian Concert (DVD + 2 CD Set)